Transcreare team meets in London

the 4 of us

As a Spanish translation team, we get fewer chances to meet in person than we would like. One of us lives in Mexico and the other 3 live in Spain. Since our collaboration has strengthened and it looks like our teamwork is growing more and more, we decided to get together in London earlier this year. We visited our main British clients and attended a few events.

One of these was the Learning Technologies fair that was held on February 1st and 2nd, 2017. We wanted to learn more about the e-learning industry, which is one of the industries we most work for as we normally translate the educational content, the User Interfaces, and other materials.

We approached almost all the companies and learnt about their different Learning Management Systems as well as their different positioning in the market. Some were very creative in the way they presented themselves, some had really smartly differentiated products such as the one presented to us by Scott Rayner from Wranx, which was one of the exhibitors that impressed us the most. Spaced repetition is at the core of what Wranx offers but this is widely used, it’s their very detailed algorithm that allows each individual user to create there own learning path based on their response. They also use gamification alongside this to drive engagement, things like leaderboards, total points and achievements.

Some companies we already knew, such as Mindtools, were also there and had some very interesting insights on the language services necessity of this industry. Netex Learning, a Spanish company recognized as a key player in the e-learning industry, was there too and we had a very enriching talk with José Manuel Martín, their Product Development Director.


As translators, it was important to attend an industry event such as this one in order to know the language related requirements of the industry, who are the biggest players on both sides (some very large global translation agencies were also present at the event), and seeing if some of these companies would be interested in working with a trusted language service partner such as Transcreare.


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